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Watch out for someone from Airlock Records watching you at your next show. Perhaps they’re gonna pop the question!

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Shag Rock

From a mutual love of procrastination and arvo beers to amassing over five million streams andsold-out cross-continent performances – Shag Rock are not your average sunset brew.

Michael David Thomas

“In 2015 Michael chose to go it solo. Under the umbrella of Airlock Records he debuts with a tantalising mix of well crafted melodic and up tempo songs and sparser lyrical numbers.”


With rock n’ roll the wagon to a journey of shredded love, existentialism and cosmic insignificance, ELKO FIELDS oozes rawness and vulnerability as a cut the bullshit front-woman. ELKO FIELDS are set to unleash their power-filled rock album to the world later this year.

Workinghorse Irons

Psychobilly punk rock band from Melbourne. Upright Bass player who sings. Two ripping guitars and some fine tub whacking. Seriously good fun energetic tunes. 

A brief history of Airlock Records

After running Airlock Studios for 15 years or so, and witnessing many bands do great recordings not know what to do next, or even worse – witnessing artists that had great material not even be “given the time of day” by record labels, Ian Haug decided in 2013 that perhaps he should try and give it a crack.  One night at a late night bar in Melbourne he saw the first band he wanted to work with. The best Psychobilly punk rock band in Australia – The Working Horse Irons. They jumped on a plane and recorded the slab of fantastic racket that is the “Red EP”. Theres been a lot of water under the bridge since then, and Haug is still waiting to do the follow up recording with them, but the Red EP is still available on the store here through Airlock Records. That was 5 years ago, and since then there has been a Cohenesque singer songwriter, a surf rock band and a behemoth of a blues scuzzy rock 2 piece fronted by the formidable Kella Vee.

Whats next? Who Knows? Watch out for someone from Airlock Records watching you at your next show. Perhaps they’re gonna pop the question!

Our Mission Statement

Its not all about getting on a national broadcast radio station. Music exists outside those realms.

We like good music. Honest music.

You dont have to be fashionable hipsters to work with Airlock – although we probably will still except them too. We aim to hook bands up with the most appropriate producer, and get the best performance and honest representation out of that band possible. We will then do our best to help you find your way……. We will not just cast you adrift to sea. 

Whats Next for Airlock Records?

Everyone on the roster has new material due out mid-late 2018. BUT also …..we’re still looking for that other special thing. We will know when we see it….. hear it.  Send demos to us to check out what you’re up to….. and let us know when you’re playing a show around Brisbane. Stay tuned for showcase shows at airlock studios.

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Catering for release quality recordings, demos, pre-production, film scores, advertising and film/vision synchronization